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Anthem Entertainment is known for its pioneering of innovative public events. Specializing in festivals, sports, music, food, and fashion, Anthem’s team adds its creative flair to happenings of all sizes.

We produce exciting events year after year.

Anthem Entertainment is an award-winning events firm that works in tandem with The Anthem Group’s pool of expansive business resources and sister companies. This collaboration allows Anthem Entertainment to provide diverse, imaginative and unparalleled services for public events and business clients who look to Anthem’s expertise.

Anthem’s companies are international market leaders in the live entertainment, large-scale event production, experiential marketing, tourism, hospitality, and placemaking industries. Today, they span over 70 markets across five continents.

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Anthem is always seeking musicians with a unique sound, and models with a great look. If you have what it takes to rock the stage or work the runway, join our growing roster of musicians, models, promotional staff, and other talent by filling out and submitting the appropriate form. If we’re interested, an Anthem representative will contact you shortly.

All experience levels are encouraged to apply.

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