The Anthem Group

The Anthem Group will continue to grow and evolve as a multi-industry and multi-brand enterprise.

Utilizing the resources of its international presence and paying fanatical attention to consistency and detail, Anthem is dedicated to providing diverse, imaginative event production and unparalleled experiential marketing, strategy and business solutions.

Anthem will be recognized among the most progressive firms in every industry it functions in: live entertainment and music, venue creation and management, public and civic events, hospitality, experiential marketing, consulting, and a continuous stream of new entrepreneurial ventures across multiple sectors.

The powerful combination of independent and internal entities ranging from marketing to venture capital and restaurants to technology provide Anthem with unparalleled self-sufficiency in meeting the needs of its clients and its internal properties alike.

Anthem will maintain its focus on public entertainment, sports, music, and hospitality but will continually strive to expand the scope and diversity of its business.

Ongoing Company Objectives:

  • Continue the Anthem tradition of supporting philanthropic endeavors, NGOs and non-profits, as well as, designating organizations that are the beneficiary of major company resources as a philanthropic partner
  • Spearhead the Anthem portfolio into any relevant new sector, from apparel to transportation, by applying the same core values, ideologies, leadership and managerial principles that enabled Anthem’s success within its initial industries
  • Extend mentorship to aspiring and emerging entrepreneurial minds with the potential to create large-scale and impactful businesses
  • Constantly evaluate and define the roles of each company of  The Anthem Group to ensure optimal service for consumers, clients and all stakeholders
  • Dedication to the company’s civic responsibility to provide the best execution possible for all public programs, especially for City, State and Federal partnerships
  • Expand on Anthem’s green initiatives, and continue to utilize recycled and carbon neutral materials whenever possible and promote the use of paperless ticketing for events
  • Focus on ventures that are both profitable and enable positive social impact

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