Board of Advisors

Anthem’s Board of Advisors is comprised of leaders and executives in media, entertainment, entrepreneurship and consulting. Each advisor brings a unique set of skills, including financial, communication, and organizational abilities. Collaboratively, the advisors help shape Anthem’s strategy, growth and overall vision. The Anthem advisory board is or has been involved with some of the most influential organizations in the world, including The Royal Bank of Scotland, Clear Channel, and world-renowned academic institutions.

Chris Sinclair

Chris Sinclair is the Founder and President of The Anthem Group – the parent organization of all Anthem-related properties. Among the marquee companies are, Anthem Hospitality, Anthem Production, Anthem Strategy, Anthem Innovation and The Anthem International Music Festival.

An entrepreneur at an early age, Chris founded Anthem with his entire personal savings of $500 while still a teenager. By the age of 24, Anthem was executing international marketing projects and large-scale events.

In addition to leading The Anthem Group, Chris is a popular guest lecturer and speaker at various colleges, conferences and professional panels as he takes pride in teaching business strategy and skills to students and young entrepreneurs.

Headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts, Anthem started as Anthem Entertainment, a specialized events firm, that soon grew to encompass business-to-business as well as public-facing programs. Today, The Anthem Group has expanded exponentially from its humble beginnings as a boutique Boston-based events agency to a multi-industry enterprise. This breadth of unique experience has propelled Anthem into activity in over 70 markets across five continents.

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Ashley Mercurio

Ashley Mercurio is the Vice President and Managing Partner for The Anthem Group. With an extraordinary talent to coordinate private events while keeping a dual focus on public programs, Ashley is responsible for overseeing internal and external event operations for all of Anthem’s properties. Additionally, Ashley leads Anthem’s prestigious internship and fellowship program. An honors graduate of the University of New Hampshire, Ashley is among the most respected event coordinators in the country.

As an expert in venue and site selection, creative event décor design, event registration, pedestrian traffic flow, collateral material and project management, Ashley has played an imperative role in Anthem’s success. She is the client liaison for Anthem’s higher profile galas, media, and launch events and has coordinated and managed hundreds of large-scale events, from planning through post event analysis.

One of Ashley’s many accomplishments at Anthem has been the creation and production of The New England Dessert Showcase. From conception to realization, Ashley has established The Showcase as the country’s original and leading annual boutique dessert event.

Ashley has also spearheaded the production and execution of all fashion-based events, supervised the personnel and operations for Anthem’s 70 market International Music Festival, and is responsible for vendor operations for Boston’s Fourth of July fireworks festival.

When she isn’t working with Anthem’s clients and projects, Ashley enjoys volunteering, music and sports, and serves as a regional board member for Easter Seals. She also enjoys spending time with her family and two dogs.

Mark Hubbard

Mark Hubbard is an independent consultant providing services exclusively to senior management, primarily in media, entertainment and sports. His areas of expertise include: business valuation, negotiating transactions, financing and restructuring, enterprise modeling, sales development and training, and executive coaching. He works with public and private companies, both in the U.S. and internationally. Previously, Mark spent over 25 years in the broadcasting industry, from radio to television to new technologies like satellite and Internet convergence. Highlights include: Senior VP, Corporate Development for Clear Channel during its major acquisition period, President of Flagship Broadcasting (TV), President of Fairmont Communications (radio), Executive VP of Osborn Communications (radio) and V.P and General Manager of WKRQ-FM for Taft Broadcasting. He has a Bachelor of Architecture from the University of Notre Dame and an MBA from the Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania.

Michael R. Kirby

Michael R. Kirby is an accomplished C-level Executive with a history of success at driving global growth of financial services organizations. Michael is currently the Managing Director and CFO of the Americas, Europe, and Global Energy for Noble Group, where he manages the finance function and is responsible for ensuring that all resources are optimally allocated across all support functions. As the former COO for the Royal Bank of Scotland Asia Pacific – Hong Kong based region, Michael was responsible for this 14-country region that produced annual revenue of $2 billion and held responsibility for 1,700+ personnel. This is a testament to Michael’s tremendous financial resources and business knowledge in strategic planning, infrastructure development, and much more. Michael currently sits on the Anthem board, a position he has held for the last eight years.

Brian R. Schaefgen

Brian R. Schaefgen is CFO of 5 BARS, a telecommunications infrastructure firm. Prior to 5 BARS, Brian was the CFO of Mobilitie, served as CFO/COO of Vintage Capital Group, a real estate and private equity firm; CFO of Harbor Group International, a real estate investment firm; and CFO of Ambassadors International, a publicly-traded holding company. ]

Brian has previously served in board, executive and audit committee capacities of several nonprofit organizations, including ForKids, Big Brothers Big Sisters of Orange County and Families Forward. He received his bachelor of business administration from the University of Notre Dame. He is a certified public accountant and licensed real estate broker.

Dr. Steven Ian Meisel

Dr. Steven Ian Meisel specializes in the development of management skills and management communication. His work is focused on increasing skills of negotiation, problem-solving, and conflict resolution. In addition, he has studied communication at both the interpersonal and larger organizational levels. He teaches graduate and undergraduate courses in organizational behavior, power & influence, presentation skills for business, and organizational communication.

Joshua Gentine

Joshua Gentine is a private consultant working with start-up companies to execute go-to-market strategies through consultation in production, procurement, marketing and distribution. Joshua takes investment positions in these start-up companies and also helps manage all the day-to-day operations while the company is developing. Additionally, Joshua works with a group of advisors to find business opportunities in the consumer products and technology sectors. These opportunities range from seed capital and M&A to basic consulting work to help position companies within their given markets. Prior to starting his consulting practice, Joshua spent time in South America and Africa working with several non-profit organizations; he also spent two campaigns with the United Way of Greater Milwaukee managing their loaned executive program and managing their law, accounting and investment firm giving programs.